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The Angry Side of You

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"You jump off of my dick one more time then I'm going to flip you over and I'll be on top! Then where are you gonna go!"
This Man told Raymond while screwing him from behind. We were in the middle of some hot, sweaty sex that would later leave us exhausted and drained.
But I have to blog about the evening that I'd spent with the Latin, firecracker-bodybuilder last night. We'd agreed to see each other around 8. This Man was around the block at my buddy, Ray's apartment--about 5 minutes away when Raymond called (just as I was calling him), saying that he needed to groceries and that we would need to go shopping. A quick trek to Trader Joe's then Ralph's, this ma was happy to be with Raymond while he foraged for our dinner.
It was in the deli of Ralphs that Raymond showed This Man a side of his true character (and man, was it sexy). We were standing in line waiting to get some sliced meat (pastrami, I think) when, in front of us was some anal-retentive, pretentious queen (we were in Hillcrest, after all) who decided at that moment, regardless of us growing restless, he was going to have the butcher slice his provolone cheese to his exact measurements. Not only that, but this ass-clown insisted on sampling each one of the cold cuts that she sliced for him. Raymond and I were starting to get a bit pissed.
"I'm about to go off on this asshole!" Raymond declared.
Did I mention how sexy RH looked in his new Cerruti 1881 eyeglasses.
"How about we grab the bagels and then come back?" This Man suggested. Even after grabbing the bagels and returning to the deli, Mr. Anal-Retentive was still there! Finally, he grabbed his meats and cheeses(sliced to his precise measurements, I'm sure) and was met by a piercing gaze from Raymond.
"Is there a problem?" the guy asked.
"Fuck yeah there is," Raymond began. "What the fuck man, we've been waiting here FOREVER behind your ass!"
"Hey, I waited my turn just like everybody else..." his voice was cracking. And that's when Raymond took the first step towards him. Mind you, Raymond is a pretty big guy. He's not a man that you mess with and not expect him to retaliate. That's when This Man's arm reached out and grabbed him. Just as the other guy decided to walk away.
In the car later, Raymond was apologizing that he'd showed that side of him, but I wasn't fazed.
I kinda liked it.
We had some amazing steaks later, good conversation (we joked about using a steak bone as a ball gag) and some amazing sex later on. While I was pounding Raymond from behind, that's when This Man asked if he would like for me to grab a steak bone for him to chew on, in order to muffle his screaming & moaning. It starting to seem like Raymond is winning This Man over more and more every day.


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