You think your life is fucked up? Try living a piece of mine.

Happy Halloween!


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(My son, D is on the right. The other kid, M is my son's friend and our neighbor.)

Back up and running....


Okay, so the computer tech from Time Warner finally came out and fixed the computer and now This Man is able to get back to blogging. I'm just so happy to be back on the high speed connection and I can't wait to cancel AOL because noone should ever have to use dial up in 2005.
So everything is back to normal. The computer is working, I scanned all drives and made sure there were no viruses and once everything was back in place, This Man was back to surfing porn, cruising online and doing all the other things that I don't care to mention.

I'll be Back...


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It's been so long since This Man has thought to sit down and pound out a few words, if only just to keep the blog somewhat current. Tonight, however is not that night. But I promise, I'll be back. Meanwhile, the computer still hasn't been fixed and this AOL crap is driving me crazy. But another technician is coming by on Friday to give it a look-see. So until then...

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