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I should just...DIE!


Riding my bike in Balboa Park yesterday evening, This Man stumbled upon these signs posted throughout all of the park.
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About a month ago, I'd seen one, but it was near the kids' playground so I paid no mind to it, thinking, "Good, [we] shouldn't be smoking near the kids." But damn it if that didn't include all of the park! And it's not just the park where you can't smoke--it's the beaches as well. I remember when it was in the local news that the city council was debating this ordinance, even then, This Man figured it would be a while before it became effective. Yet, here I was in Redwood Circle, gazing up at this sign--and smoking a Newport!
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ARGH! I may as well stay inside. For the record, I'm down for not smoking in bars, nightclubs and restaurants, but no This Man can't even smoke outside. Where's the humanity?! And before I get lectured on quitting smoking, I'm going to (eventually). One day.
And it's sure as hell not today!


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