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My Favorite chatbuddy


He's witty and ruggedly handsome too. Here's another one of our quirky, to-the-point conversations.
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Heathboy27: here's a scenario for you. Say you

meet this guy online and you agree to
hook up. He has to check out of his hotel
before stopping by your place and it's
taking him forever. After telling him that
you'll phone him back in 20 minutes, you
decide that you really don't want to fool with
him. Do you call him back?
Appollyon: nope
Appollyon: NEXT
Heathboy27: it's SOOOOO nice when you and I
are on the same page
Appollyon: lol
Appollyon: happens more often than not
Heathboy27: I know

A Retraction


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Almost two weeks ago, my sister called my phone and left a disturbing voice mail.
She'd heard about my blog and was concerned and wanted me to call her immediately. Instantly, This Man began to panic. She had that tone in her voice that reminded me the day she'd gotten the letter in the mail, disclosing my homosexuality. I figured I would avoid making this call for as long as I could, thinking that I could wish the conversation away. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, " was all I could mumble as I began reading my archives. Was she bothered by the content? The way it was written? Maybe it was the pictures. What--for the love of God, could my sister be worried about?!!! I couldn't come up with an answer.
So finally, without giving much thought, I called her.
She'd heard about my blog through some distant family members of ours in Greenville, Texas. It seems that while doing a search for me online, my blog came up. After reading it, it was noticed the entry that This Man had made about the recent death of my brother. Her husband and son urged her not to read it, simply because they didn't think it was best.
"Byron," she pleaded. "Could you please that the entry down?"
Before I decided to blog about The Heartless Bastard on 9/11/2006, I'd spoken to my sister and one of my brothers about how I felt about it death. However, after listening to my sister explain why it disturbed her, I decided that I had to agree--simply because I never meant for that post to disturb anyone who read it.
So, at the request of my family, I've decided to remove the entry. And This Man also would like to apologize here to my sisters and family who read the post and found it disturbing. I apologize for coming off like the Heartless Bastard that I wrote about.


Out of the closet since 1996


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Today was National Coming Out Day. To all of you LBGT who decided to come out today, I say Congratulations and welcome to the world.


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