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A Contradiction


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A week after meeting, Raymond, the hot Latin bodybuilder, This Man was happy when he called me on Thursday, asking if we could get together on Friday, once he'd finished at work and the gym. It would be later in the evening, but if he was willing to make time for me and to tell the truth, I was looking forward to seeing him, then it didn't matter that it would be close to 10 o'clock before I would get to see him. I was at my friend, Jason's house, hanging out but the whole time, This Man was looking forward to seeing Raymond.
Finally, after dropping Jason and his boyfriend back at home, I flew around the corner to Raymond's apartment. He was making chicken tacos, but that didn't matter because I was all over him!
I don't even need to mention what followed.
In bed together hours later, This Man and Raymond were holding each other. Now, if you've been reading my blog then you know this is where things get kind of awkward for me. This night was no different. It was kinda warm in Raymond's apartment, combined with the fact that he snored so loud and that he didn't want me spooning him, This Man realized early in the a.m. that it was time for me to go. Even now, I'm not sure if he was upset that I left but I did wait--more like, hope that he would call me again.
You see, I enjoy being with Raymond, but I don't want to get too excited. Eventually, the time will come when he and I will be comfortable around each other that it won't matter that he snores (hell, I've been told that I do also), or that it's a bit warm at his place or that This Man doesn't get to press my sweaty body up against his. Eventually the time will come, when Raymond and I will fall asleep in each other's arms.
I'm looking forward to that night already.


The Bodybuilder.


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A great man AND he looks fantastic naked! (There's so many small details to add to this post, but because it's so late, I'll add them some other time...TML)

The crazy thing about screwing a bodybuilder/gym bunny isn't that you constantly have to hear about how their gym session went (he never mentions it), it isn't that massive amount of supplements strewn throughout their apartment (haven't seen them) and it's isn't the vast array of body building tank tops that are part of their wardrobe (now his posing trunks are a different story). The crazy thing about dating a bodybuilder, This Man has recently discovered is, it always seems to be meal time! I met Raymond last week and we spent this past weekend together. Raymond is a sexy, Latin bodybuilder who's not stuck on himself and, from what This Man could see, appeared to be relatively low maintenance. We hit it off instantly! So much in fact, that when he invited me to come to his place to watch a movie on Saturday evening, This Man didn't hesitate. We were supposed to have watched Tristan & Isoldte, however after numerous attempts to try and follow the plot, we gave up and settled on making out instead. Hours later, This Man and Raymond were curled together on his living room floor asleep.
Guess I was spending the night at his place.
Sunday morning, I awoke to fresh coffee, sesame seed bagels and a nice egg white omelette. We spent the morning talking and looking out his apartment windows at the people passing by. It was great. Later in the afternoon, we strolled through North Park to return a video, stopping along the way to check out some new condos--it was fantastic. Raymond was a great man and This Man was enjoying my time with him.
Finally 24 hours later, we agreed to see each other this week and to definitely talk on the phone. His schedule, he said is kind of hectic but he would find time to give me a call. In the midst of all of This Man's drama, he made of a great weekend--even if he temporarily took my mind off of my problems.
I'm looking forward to seeing him again.


Two Nights Ago.


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Two nights ago, This Man and The Dutchman got together. It was great seeing him and already I'm hoping that I'll get to see him again soon. He looked great, smelled wonderful and was all around MANTASTIC (he knows what I'm talking about).


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