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Last night, This Man was having a conversation with my friend, Ty. He was going on about why the men that he'd met online would lie about so many trivial things. He just wanted to understand their thinking.
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"It's because they think that you're too stupid, " I explained. "That you're either too horny or too stupid to notice."
I imagined him doubled over in laughter.
"When a guy lies about his age online, Ty, it's because he thinks that you'll be too stupid or too horny to see that when he said he was 35, he actually meant 55. When he looks as if he's gained 20 pounds between the time that he sent you a picture of himself and the time that he shows up at your doorstep and he's hoping that you won't notice because [he thinks] that you're too stupid to notice such a thing."
I continued like this for a few minutes.
"When you see online photographs that look a little bit too perfect, it's because they're thinking that you'll be too stupid to notice. When a guy tries to invite you over for "just a massage", he's thinking that you'll be too horny or too stupid to stop him from going further. Simply put, you're...too...stupid!"


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