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Remembering the Old Navy

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This Man got a small package in the mail from Lucy this afternoon.
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She'd found an old navy blue Abercrombie muscle shirt of mine and decided to mail it to me. Even though, according to the note that was enclosed, "the weather is chilly in San Diego..." she felt that I may have wanted the shirt. And I did. But the real treasure inside the envelope wasn't the muscle shirt, nor was it the denim iron-on patches, it was a zip disk that she'd found and decided to include it also. I couldn't even remember what was on the disk, but luck was on my side because in this house was an iomega zip drive.
It was pictures. Pictures from early 2002. There were pictures of Lucy. There were pictures of Donovan and there were pictures of me at work when I was stationed on my first guided-missile destroyer here in San Diego.
The first picture was taken while sitting in Radio during a General Quarters drill. We were training for a CBR (Chemical, Biological & Radiological) excercise which is why I have the gas mask and flash gear.

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In this picture was my old watch team around December 2002. Our ship was on deployment so it's safe to say that we were in or around Hong Kong. We were standing the mid (7p.m until 7 a.m.) watch of a 12 on 12 off shift and even though it looks as if we're doing nothing at the time, we were actually working our asses off! From the left is Oziel, myself, my dear friend Shandra (we were reading an issue of Maxim) and Sindra's on the phone. Our radio shack was soooo cold, which is why they're wearing jackets and Oziel has the hat on. This was the best watch team that I ever had! Each one of them was smart and an expert in their specialized areas.


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