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This whole misunderstanding started when This Man sent my friend, Jason the following online message:
hey...wanna go bike riding and play some frisbee before dark?

To which, he responded with:
you only message me cause you're bored. I need better friends than that...
I'll talk to you much. Much later.

I KNOW! This Man was shocked by it also!
Not only that, but he blocked me so I couldn't respond to that message. So I did what any guy in this predicament would've done. I switched to my backup screenname (DON'T act like you don't have more than one online profile--again, I can't be the only one) then sent him this counter response:
Have it your way. But you know you'll never find another person that is as good a friend as I've been to you. And you know it.

But even after I'd sent that last email, This Man was still wondering what I'd did to get this kind of reaction from Jason. I didn't understand it. I was doing what I thought friends were supposed to do--I was inviting him out because I wanted to be with him. I wanted to hang out with him and this was what I'd gotten in return.
I can't even call it being ditched.
So like my relationship with Raymond and my friendship with Scott, I've decided to let my friendship with Jason end strictly on his terms. I don't want to waste time arguing or trying to convince him to see things my way, but rather I'll give him what he wants.
Now the fucked up part is, I feel like shit for doing so.


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