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Here's the Skinny

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So walking from John's house to the condo development that This Man has been doing some painting at combined with playing frisbee whenever I can find someone that wants to play with me and the fact that I've become so conscientious of what and when I eat, I've slimmed down from a whopping 205 pounds and a 36 inch waist to a nice 185 pounds and a 32 inch waist.
But the real fruit of my labor came when I made a pit stop at American Apparel in Hillcrest today and dared myself to try on the new Slim Slacks black skinny jeans.
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Hell, I was surprised and amazed. I've always thought that skinny jeans looked great on skinny people and I've even thought that slim-fitting jeans looked great on men with nice, muscular calves, but I would've never imagined that This Man would be trying a pair on. But here I was--in the dressing room, reaching into my backpack and grabbing my camera.
I checked myself out from every angle, mentally thinking about what I could pair these slacks with and where I could wear them to (which was funny, considering I never go anywhere), but it all came to a screeching halt when I dared myself to flip over the price tag.
68 bucks!
Fuck NO!!! Not today, not tomorrow and not anytime soon.
However, if they do put them on sale, This Man will be all over it.


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