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Diving into the Deep End.

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This was some serious shit--even for This Man.
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Last night while at John's house, the conversation came up about This Man moving in with him. He'd recently sold his house and would soon be moving onto his property temporarily.
"...and I was wondering how would you feel about moving in with me?" He asked. Just like that.
Quite naturally, I couldn't be expected to respond at that moment, but even while he started listing some of the positives of it, I started mentally listing all of the negatives of it. The crazy part was: there weren't many negatives to list.
This wasn't something that This Man was going to be quick to give an answer to. To better give you an understanding of how serious this was (even for two gay men), this was the equivalent of a straight couple talking about moving in together. As you can see, it's the exact same thing. But with only 2 men!
Early this afternoon, I talked it over with Jay, Lucy & Jason. Then I thought about it. Then I thought about it some more. Finally, I called John and told him that I'd been thinking about it. So had he. To be continued...


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